Coming of Age in the Milky Way

Coming of Age in the Milky Way
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Something Strange Is Glowing in the Milky Way Right Now

There is no doubt that modern technology aids us in exploring, understanding and even manipulating nature to every extent we can. At the same time, everyday consumer technology is definitely pulling us away from experiencing nature in a… well… natural way. Children grow up having iPads in their hands and having all the information, pictures and stories at the swipe of a finger. Interesting start of a discussion. A couple of questions: 1 What is Science? I think that technology has made me appreciate and have a better understanding of nature and life in general, especially when it comes to people.

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A reasonably easy read, with no math although having at least high school physics helps. Reading the final chapters on the search for unified field theories made me think we have come full circle. It is an echo. New Organon We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Though he doesn't address it directly until the concluding chapter, throughout this book Ferris presents the human drive to know and understand our place in nature as specific questions have been posed.

With so much information that is so accessible via the internet, mobile devices, and being in almost constant contact with the world. Now because of the internet, we are able to become connected and stay connected with people much longer than say even 10 years ago. The whole concept of a high school reunion is slowly and seemingly becoming somewhat obsolete. Since the advent of social media platforms, we are able to learn more about people faster. We are able to learn more information about the news, politics, pop culture, technology, research, and so on faster.

Each piece of information that is shared in a facebook feed has the power to disinterest us, interest us, frighten us, enlighten us, and so on. The amount of information that is retrieved almost effortlessly due to social media, gives us the capacity to handle more information faster. To this end, I think that I am more in tuned with human nature and people from many more walks of life, than I would be, if there was no internet technology.

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From them sharing this information, one can become engaged, excited, and motivated to travel some of the places they have traveled to explore nature and the surrounding areas. I do not think that technology pulls one from nature, but our own motivations and desires do.

Coming of Age in the Milky Way – by Timothy Ferris « Fall - Applications Readings

One has a choice to decide how much of an explorer of nature and the world they would like to be. In fact, by using technology, one can become more excited and motivated to explore the world around them. I think I agree with ARC whoever you are! It is both pulling us away from nature, and capable of bringing us closer to understanding nature. Yes, we may have acquired amazing data about our universe, our planet, and our bodies in the last years but we also must make sense of that information and its context. I believe we do this by telling stories, by engaging with each other, by making things.

Just as none of us really believe that someone could know everything about us as individuals from what they read on facebook. If people can get the same or more complete information from a Google search, why would anyone ever leave their home, take the subway, and pay admission to a museum? Or attend a film festival? Or go to a lecture? I think yes, even if you cannot touch a painting in a museum, experiencing it three dimensions contributes to knowing.

Also, I think that Ben makes a good point. We learn from the reactions of the people around us as we look at the same work of art, we consider points in a new way when we have a conversation with the person next to us in the audience. I think it is super interesting to think about the potential of using an online community to create some sort of self-organized higher education, but on the other hand, I really think sharing the physical space at ITP is so super important and almost more valuable in terms of learning than the actual lessons.

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Buy Coming of Age in the Milky Way on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. The ancient Egyptians regarded the sky as a kind Coming of Age in the Milky Way - Kindle edition by Timothy Ferris . Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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Coming of Age in the Milky Way

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