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And the privilege comes from being able to go through some of those journeys. Do you know how many woman out there would LOVE the privilege to foster and adopt but cannot because they cannot afford it. And I say that as someone who went through the adoption process on the other end, I am a birthmother. I saw how much the parents who adopted my child spent and I know the majority of woman cannot afford that because they did not marry a now ex Disney executive.

I guess the world needs blogs telling people to whine, make excuses and settle so yours fits in nicely. I could barely make half way through your blog post.

The beautiful thing about Rachel is that she preaches about how our perspective and drive can change our lives for the better. Or just choose to ignore half of it.

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You should research her more before posting this article. The point of the book is be the best you can be and stop giving up on yourself.


I always put others before myself and I have really taken a back seat to my life. I am just as worthy as a mother. I am worthy to push myself and to seek self improvement. After reading this book, I stopped feeling sorry for myself and am enrolling in school, focusing more on my development as a person. Check out her podcasts maybe it would clear some things up. Every quote is out of context and many of your so-called facts about Ms. Hollis are blatantly false.

As a self-proclaimed writer, at least research your subject matter before slandering someone who is helping literally millions of people! Honestly sad that you read this through an obviously broken filter. How does tearing another woman down, lift you up? But this.

Everyone is obviously allowed to have an opinion, and this is yours. That is basically her story. And to be honest with you it is one that hits close to home. So I see where she is coming from. There is room for everyone, and one of her biggest thoughts-Everyone is welcome, and there is No one right way for Everyone. You should spend some time watching her morning videos and really learning what she is all about before making judgements about her. If you read the book you know that she has worked her way up from the ashes eating food from the dollar store to where she is today.

She has shared how she sets her goals and works towards them by taking daily actions in the right direction.

Furthermore, ask any medical or functional dr on this planet about being overweight. People are just so scared of offending others that they tip to around it. And, we should be doing everything we can to be our best version of ourselves and be a model to our children for health. Limited trauma??!! And has chosen to rise above. Did you even read the book?

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If anything your blog is tearing other women down and making them believe the very thing about themselves that Mrs. Hollis is trying to change. Your level of perception is way off. You may want to put the pen down and have a seat yourself. You clearly only have knowledge of her as a person from her book. She came from nothing and now has it all. She is a real person. Prayers to you friend! I researched the author, read the book, and feel the same way as this blog author. Different perspectives — not lack of being informed. Long before Rachael was a thing a very very wise person told me just that Get Happy.

Well over a 5 year timespan I went through therapy, cut toxic people out of my life, including my father, and spent most every day working on getting happy. So yes, her words are true. In regards to the weight, if some of the most moribidly obese people on this planet can loose weight then Sally that stress eats or Susan that refuses to take the stairs can get up and do something.


Another person taking pieces of something instead of the whole thing. Rachel Hollis May not be for everyone and that is ok. But to say that she is doing something wrong by empowering women and MEN to change their lives for the better is unheard of. Read the book. Read the comments. It is real stories from real people that are doing incredible things! We all have our things in life. You posted this in an attempt to put down someone who is dedicating her life to helping others.

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Is she making money? Heck ya. And she should. It feels like you have not read the whole book. Also, you picked specific parts of the book to make a bias opinion. Because someone else teaches women to be the better version of themselves you have to criticize that?

What kind of blog do you run? It sounds like you have a lot on your plate. HOWEVER, as someone who has struggled with depression, anxiety, childhood trauma and has worked in mental health as a professional, your message is dangerous. I found it refreshing and accessible for the layman. The HAPPIEST, most well adjusted clients have been those whose circumstances were literally dire, and decided that feeling sorry for themselves only continued their victimization and gave power to perpetrators.

Whether that means seeking help from a professional always recommended! Hollis is not a psychologist- this is not a book to treat the exception those who are severely affected by mental illnesses.

There are better, more qualified people and resources for that. But her principals apply to the masses who are stuck in a cycle of self victimization and defeat. She comes from a hard background and has made a success of herself.