Is God An Alien? An expose into the secret universe

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Christianity redefined and replaced

Kennedy let the Bay of Pigs mission proceed, and the result was a fiasco that would take the world to the brink of nuclear war. The president of the United States has more access to official secrets than any other human being in the country—and the potential to know more about the world than anyone else on the planet.

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But since the universe is also 14 billion years old, it would seem to afford plenty of time for these beings to make themselves known to humanity. nasa latest news science alien mars extraterrestrial space agency life on mars aliens asteroids alien space news fermi paradox astronomy extraterrestrial ET universe Area Secret base 'definitely' contains secrets - 'possibly' alien bodies, What NASA got WRONG about 'God of Chaos' asteroid Apophis exposed in.

And on January 20, the person being handed access to all of those secrets will be Donald J. He will have the ability to see inside the most sensitive and covert programs run by the United States and its allies around the world; he will have access to surveillance tools, covert payrolls and personal secrets about foreign leaders.

Aliens Exist: Tom DeLonge on Leaving Blink-182 to Blow the Lid Off the 'Biggest Secret on Earth'

He will know about blacked-out special forces raids and UFO-like spy planes, the next-generation cyberattacks that would come in the opening minutes of a new war, and the dozens of secret classified procedures and laws written down by his presidential predecessors. What is the good stuff, and how might Trump use it?

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One of the relatively new powers of the presidency is the ability to sign off on strikes from Predator and Reaper drones run by the CIA and the Pentagon. Bush have enjoyed wide latitude in designating suspected terrorists for lethal strikes in areas like Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Secret Aliens

But Trump will: After such attacks, the president and vice president are also among the select group of government officials who can, if they choose, watch the high-tech videos of the drone strikes themselves. As president, Trump will also have sway over the opaque process itself, so he could well tweak or expand the lethal authorities of the commander in chief without any public disclosure that the rules have changed. In one of his early such briefings, Obama was told of the joint U.

Those beyond-top-secret files would also include details about which foreign officials are on the payroll of agencies like the CIA or the Drug Enforcement Administration. These payments can run into the millions and last for years; President Jimmy Carter was shocked to discover that the CIA had been paying King Hussein of Jordan six and seven figures annually for nearly two decades to ensure his cooperation with American interests. The DEA, whose drug-fighting efforts give it a broad global footprint, also works closely with foreign governments and deploys its own powerful surveillance tools.

Beyond the secrets buried in missile silos, Trump will also receive briefings—if requested—on the constellation of spy satellites and detection technologies that watch the Earth from above, many of which are run by the National Reconnaissance Office, an intelligence agency so secretive that its very name and existence were classified from its creation in until And, if the government does have a secret set of UFOs captured from Roswell and other close encounters, Trump might be soon learning that, too. Whatever it is, PPD 29 is one of dozens of secret presidential national security orders, some of which stretch back decades. Enjoy it the first time for its devious plot and its career-defining performance by Cho an actor with an adoring following , who has a long history of being the best thing in just-OK movies and TV series.

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Listing all the Easter eggs here would ruin the fun, but Chaganty was kind enough to provide a list of clues and places to look. Here they are, categorized by type:. Skip to navigation Skip to content.

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