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Clarence Larkin :: Chapter 14. The Spirit World

Angels always surround us — in fact, each one of us does have a guardian angel. Why do angels appear in our lives?


We are living in a time when people are searching for answers concerning the spirit realm. Many are wandering; and thinking if there is a God, if heaven and hell. Read "Spirit Realm-God-Angels-Mankind: the Eternal Connection Discover Who Has All Power and Authority over the Visible and Invisible Realm" by Cordelia.

There are many kinds of angels. But, at the moment you were born, a guardian angel would be sent to protect you as well as be with you for eternity for assistance. It does not mean you can sense their presence easily. Whenever you want to form connection with your guardian angel, make sure to be sincere from your mind and soul. Once they hear your inner voice, they will give some tangible signs letting you know they are watching you and willing to help.

Well, the guardian angel is not something that you can see with your physical eyes. However, due to the low level of spiritual awareness , a lot of individuals choose to believe in a logical explanation rather than the existence of angelic realm. This is a key hurdle stopping you from connecting with your guardian angel.

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In order to strengthen your connection with angels, never limit your sensory awareness to the spirituality field. The purpose of the Angels is to glorify and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. The holy Angels do so faithfully with a willing heart, the evil Angels do so by command and constraint.

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The habitation of both the holy and evil Angels is the spirit realm around us that extends from the face of the Earth into the heavenly places above us. The holy Angels minister to God and the saved in God Matthew , Mark , Acts , the evil angels minister death and suffering within the creation. There is more than a bit of ambiguity in the Bible concerning the fate of the Angels who followed Lucifer in rebellion and sinned against God that fateful day in spiritual antiquity.

Where they went, what they did, where they sojourned in the old world and our world in Biblical days, and what they are doing now, is complex and will dominate the remainder of this dissertation. There is most certainly a narrational and chronological silence or time-gap between those first two verses in the book of Genesis. This does not mean the Spirit of Truth is silent on this issue.

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The Scriptural passages of Job , Isaiah and Ezekiel , when interpreted through the filter of right-division and the context of sound-doctrine, speaks volumes through the Spirit of Truth. A definitive documentation of this subject, however, is beyond the immediate scope of this paper. Were they Angels or were they the biological offspring of Angels?

There is precedent in the Holy Scriptures where, long after the fall of Adam, Angels copulated with the daughters of men and produced biological offspring that were physically superior in strength and stature to normal men Genesis Further complicating this question is the paleontological observation that these races of ancient humanoids consisted of both male and female individuals.

Fallen Angels and the War for Our Souls

If all Angels are male, then who, or rather what, would they have mated with to produce such a race of biological offspring? The only possible answer would be - with a beast of the Earth Leviticus Agreed, this is quite a repugnant thought to contemplate, but the word of God can be base and brutally truthful in some cases 1 Corinthians Since these historic humanoids were predominately man-like in somatotype, it would be logical to assume that the superior DNA genetic traits of the Angels dominated in the biological development process of procreated offspring, producing a genetic hybrid with human-like form and sentient abilities of thought and reason.

That would account for the artifacts of ceremonial expression found with their buried remains and the artistic fashioning of figurines and cave wall paintings associated with their time and places of habitation. This brings us to a crucial point in rightly-dividing the following passage of New Testament Scripture:.

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Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh , are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire. In both cases, those Angels sewed genetic confusion with fleshly creatures of a lower nature. In the historic accounts of the post-flood times, the Biblically documented genetic aberrations of races of giants and people with six fingers and toes 2 Samuel , 1 Chronicles bare record of human gene-pool corruption by those seeds of forbidden copulation. The context of the verses leaves no doubt about the evil nature of these different types of spirits, but there remains ambiguity.

source url We know that Angels can speak and have superior strength to men. Devils are spiritually evil and can influence things in the physical realm, affecting both the mind and the flesh on the biological level. They utilize the same evil methodology that Satan uses and are thereby directly associated with the workings of Satan.

But, concerning references to devils, there is one, single, specific case in the New Testament that cannot possibly be attributed to any Angels:. He spake of Judas Iscariot the son of Simon: for he it was that should betray him, being one of the twelve. Judas was not possessed by a devil, but he WAS a devil.

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Note: This particular topic is discussed and documented in greater detail on this page: Who was Judas Iscariot? The nature and extent of all the different forms and persons of spiritual beings, both evil or holy, cannot be adequately addressed within the confines of a narrow treatment concerning the person of the Angels, who are an exclusive class of spiritual beings. But, from what the Bible and Spirit of Truth also indicates, there are other classes of spiritual entities spirits that are unique in person and function beyond what has been revealed to us by the Spirit of Truth and the particulars about these are not exhaustively revealed to us.

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