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Need a miracle the power of positive thoughts and affirmations can change your life. Guardians of the galaxy Before we go to the actual material of it, we have to make a special reference to the flawless aesthetic of the great cover. Brendan clearly believes that a good book starts from the design of its cover and he is not mistaken. Even if you do not feel like reading it or you are not interested in this particular literary genre, you will definitely want to have it adorning you library, as a small work of art.

The story of the book is meticulously structured and the result is a suspenseful plot.


I have read a lot of books, big and small. I have read well made stories with a rich plot that were up to pages, but which had a single fault. If you start reading it, you are not going to put it down before you get to the final page, because that is the only place where all your questions are going to be answered.

Let us say some things about the plot of the novel. Xaverio Torturo becomes an orphan in a very young age, when his parents die during a ferocious Italian vendetta, and he is brought up by his uncle Guido. It soon becomes obvious that he is clever and different from the rest of the children, so the local priest undertakes part of his education.

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He is taught Latin and everything else that the priest consideres necessary. He steals holy relics which had remained intact through time, and with the help of an illegal doctor, he has a series of operations performed and replaces his own organs with the holy relics. The most valuable of all is St. I do not want to say more about the plot, because the rest of it deserves to be discovered by you.

It is a unique book, with a vivid mode of writing and I believe that it is going to satisfy even the most demanding readers, those whose always seek for something different. Four wheels chassis.

A noisy, polluting engine. Traffic jams. Cars are the true horror of modern living there is no alternative, car users say. The car gives us our freedom. People are born in cars, grow old and fat in them: people die in their cars. The world passes them by, unknown, unnoticed.

Having literature of the fantastic as a means, and using science fiction, horror and erotic horror as fields of experimentation, it examines all the parameters of the subject. Below are the presentations of some characteristic short stories from the anthology. Jim Hanson has just woken up and before drinking a single sip from the coffee he holds, he hears the worst piece of news of his life.

His wife has just abandoned him. In a rage, he starts breaking things around the house trying to bury in his subconscious the tragic news. His way out?

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He instructs the car to start driving without a specific destination, but soon he deactivates the automatic driving system and increases the speed uncontrollably, while driving along a steep. Lenny has acquired self awareness and an instinct for self preservation. I am a very expensive luxury automobile. I deserve to be treated with respect. The water of Immortality.

But what if there was no fount? What if the Divine means for never-ending life is a car? Wally Bravermon was looking for a used car in good condition and, without realizing it, he happened to come across a miracle that would change his life in a unique way. From the very first time he gets into his new car, a rejuvenating process starts for him. His health problems are cured and his body gradually becomes younger and younger.

However for every gift, divine or human, there is always some kind of price. So, what is the price that Wally will have to pay? Here are some more of the stories I have marked out. Someday the car will become a mobile chamber of virtual reality. But what happens if one gets lost in a virtual world? This is a question which had been pondered for centuries.

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Its special characteristic is that in all the short stories, despite our expectation for the opposite, hope goes hand in hand with survival and the tragic problems of human kind. And the point of focus never gets blurred. There is always hope in the darkness, whether you are chased by a true danger or you simply have to do with you neighbour who has put on a wolf mask.

Below there is a brief mention of some of the best stories of the book.

Isis retreated from the Palace, where she had spent so much time in the past, when she was younger. Xaverio Torturo becomes an orphan in a very young age, when his parents die during a ferocious Italian vendetta, and he is brought up by his uncle Guido. So those who are of the Tribe of Dan and are still alive on Earth today are the offspring of Marduk and Isis, and therefore, also En. Isis, Lady of Fire. Ninurta said he could not make such a decision alone, so he consulted his mother, the Queen of the Stars. The Prince was absolutely furious, and he looked at his daughter in rage and said that his brother was not going to get away with this!

But there is a problem. Memories which are not their own, haunt their dreams. In one of her searches in their underground world she discovers part of the truth in a hidden gallery. This planet is an Earth colony. Mother Earth kept on sending generations upon generations of colonists, in order to transform the environment of the planet into an earth-like equivalent, so that it would become suitable for mass colonization. But during the last generation a terrible accident happened. The main dome of the colony collapsed and most of the colonist got killed.

Breathing room: In the near future a series of experiments for the control of earthquakes has tragic consequences. The only people that survive live in a high altitude, where the poisonous gases do not reach. But they always have to be in a state of alertness because the strong winds push up the gases.

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If you inhale this deathly cloud, then your lungs are infected and you die torturously in a matter of days. In this environment we follow the life of Rochelle in a mountain settlement, with the invisible enemy continuously lurking under their feet. A life full of hardships, having as sole companion a mask and a bottle of oxygen.

But ultimately there is hope. And it is hidden inside every human. Tamara is a new and talented writer, full of vision, fresh ideas and in command of a flawless writing technique. Surely it is worth observing her course and I hope that soon we will have the chance to read and a novel of hers. A stroke of lighting flashed in the distance and several seconds later a rumble sent a shock wave through the Harrow Hills. Another shaft of lighting came. Thunder arrived after a shorter delay.

The storm was getting closer. The wind stiffened, bringing with it a chill. Calmindon pulled his cloak tighter. In one smooth motion, he whipped around.

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He saw it. A creature peeked from behind a boulder located on an adjacent hill. It had a prominent muzzle and demonic red eyes. The Wood Elf's heart rate increased slightly. The creature was hunting them. Ebooks

It was cautious and patient-sometimes intelligent. Paul is a terrific writer and this book will definitely fascinate the friends of heroic fantasy. It is written with uncontested professionalism and despite its big size, pages, there is not even one page that can be considered redundant. Melkoff the Traveller, is a junior messenger of Coven, the city of warlocks. After the end of it Coven was created so that its members, the witches and the warlocks, would not allow something like that to happen ever again. But all these incidents derived from an even older era. But because of their arrogance, they started experimenting with people and so a variety of races was created.

At the same time there were also created super animal races with magical powers and human intelligence, such as the Willowcats. But time passed. The Wraiths were forgotten and the people of Coven forgot most of the things they knew.